Council News

A revival at Ryedale Council No 138

Membership of this Council has been in decline for some time but it is good to report that things are looking up.  Last year the Council welcomed Richard Heath as a new Member and this year ranks have been swollen by Bro Harry Woolf, of Stokesley Council No 247, becoming a joining Member and, at the most recent Meeting on 29th October, the latest recruit was Bro Michael Fila.

Bro Michael enjoys his Freemasonry in York but was pleased to “spread his wings” and came to Malton to join Ryedale Council in a most enjoyable evening.  This was the first Meeting since his Installation for WBro Wilf Elliott and he had proposed Bro Michael with WBro Bob Clancey being his Seconder.  After Michael was admitted to his first degree of the Order, a very successful Festive Board was enjoyed by over 20 Members and Visitors.  In proposing the Toast to his Candidate, WBro Wilf Elliott told the Brethren that he and Michael had become firm friends since first meeting as acting Provincial Officers in the Mark Degree.

In proposing the Toast to the Visitors, WBro David Jennings remarked that this was the best attendance at the Festive Board that he could recall for a very long time.  The Visitors included the Rt WBro David Cordell, District Grand Prefect, VW Bro Tom Spinks PGReg District Grand Secretary and WBro Mike Collinson on his first visit since his preferment to Grand Rank, as PGStdB.  WBro Mike presented a beautiful set of Breast Jewels to Bro Michael Fila, as he was now no longer able to wear these, and mentioned to him that he had received the Jewels from Rt WBro John Barlow who had asked him to pass them on to a deserving Candidate.  Ryedale Council enjoys the regular support of Members of Stokesley, Council mainly as some are Members of both Councils, but at this particular Meeting two Stokesley Members, Tom Baillie and Brian Rigby acted as Tyler and Inner Guard respectively.

The only sad note of the evening was that WBro Michael Graham, District Grand Treasurer and Rt WBro John Barlow, PDistGPref, were unable to attend as they were both indisposed – we wish them both well and a speedy recovery.