Ryedale 138

Officers for 2017 / 2018 as of 31/07/17
Worshipful MasterWilf Dodsworth
Senior WardenWilf Elliott
Junior WardenAlan Webster
ChaplainReg Marton
TreasurerGeoff Eastburn
SecretaryDavid Jennings
Director of CeremoniesPhillip Ellenor
Senior DeaconEdwin Franckel
Junior DeaconGordon Dudley
Assistant DCBob Clancey
Inner GuardLawrie Lonsdale
TylerAlan Hatfield


Meetings: The council meets on the 5th Monday in any month except December.  The installation is on the 5th Monday of either July, August or September. Entrance to the hall is to the left of the Milton Rooms.  Walk past the building towards some steps which lead down to the main road.  At the bottom of the first set of steps, turn immediately to the right to go through a metal gate and down a further set of narrow steps to the entrance. Image of Hall:  MH

Center map