Prince Edward TI G

Current Officers
Worshipful Master  Richard Beecroft
Senior Warden  Algis Vasis
Junior Warden  James Millington
Chaplain  Mike Andrews
Treasurer  James Millington
Secretary  Tony Williams
DC  Gerry Barker
Senior Deacon  John Loat
Junior Deacon  Richard Middleton
Assistant DC  Alan Swainson
Organist James Millington
Inner Guard  Richard Brown
Steward  David Bower
Tyler  Vacant

Prince Edward TI G meets at Ripon Masonic Hall, Water Skellgate, RIPON HG4 1BH  on the mornings of the 2nd Saturdays of March and June (I) and the afternoons of September and December.

Prince Edward TI G alternates its meetings with White Rose 17 RSM, so always check the summons for start times.

Image of Hall:  MH