Ebor TI C

Current Officers
Master Mark Richardson
Senior Warden James Newman
Junior Warden Eric Brown
Chaplain Philip Mort
Treasurer David Alderson
Secretary Michael Bunce
DC Michael Ogram
Senior Deacon Chris Rowell
Junior Deacon Keith Wilson
Assistant DC John Vince
Assistant Sec Tom Spinks
Grid Iron
Organist Nicholas Page
Inner Guard Stuart Taylor
Steward Brian Butterfield
  Stephen Priestley
  Graham Fenwick
Tyler Peter Audin

Ebor Council TI C meets in the morning of the 3rd Saturdays of March, July (I) and in the afternoons of the 3rd Saturdays in April and September at Castlegate House, Castlegate, YORK YO1 9RP.

Ebor TI C alternates its meetings with Athelstan 31 RSM, so always check the summons for start times.

Image of Hall:  MH