The Travelling Gridiron – 01

Monday 21st of January saw the Travelling Gridiron on its way from Ryedale Council 138, meeting in Malton, to ParagonE Council 217 for their meeting in Beverley.

There were six members of Ryedale Council in support of W Bro Wilf Elliott WM – Bros Gordon Dudley,  Geoff Eastburn,
W Bros Clive Copley IPM, Alan Hatfield DistGIG, David Jennings DistGJD, Phillip Ellenor PGSD PastDepDistGPref.

After a formal presentation of the Travelling Gridiron to the Master of ParagonE, W Bro Ian Wood, those present heard a most interesting lecture by W Bro Roger Booker PGIG entitled “The Seven Liberal Arts, a journey of discovery” which the writer, W Bro Wilf Elliott, is sure will have served as a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge to those who were present.

The Council had previously welcomed the Representative of the District of Yorkshire, W Bro Stuart Burrows DistGStdB as well as the District Grand Prefect, RW Bro David Cordell.

W Bro Stuart Burrows presented a Grand Council Certificate to Bro Gary Shores giving a most detailed explanation of the document, the Degrees of the Order and their teachings.

Following the meeting about twenty Brethren enjoyed a splendid Festive Board of four courses before retiring for their homeward journeys at about 9.30pm.