Annual Meeting 2021

Address by the District Grand Prefect, RW Bro Graham Bailey:

Brethren, with the sad passing of Right Worshipful Brother David Malcolm Cordell on the 30th of January last year I would say it has been a difficult year.  The death of David has left a large hole in the District as he was loved by all and a very good friend to all the members of other Districts. For me, his guidance was a great influence and something I miss.

With this passing, I was invited by the Grand Master to become the District Grand Prefect, something I was very proud to accept and something that gives me an awful lot of pleasure.  It was therefore necessary to appoint a Deputy and it gave me great pleasure to invite Worshipful Brother Brian Butterfield, of the Ebor Council, to be my Deputy.  Brian is a good friend who loves his Allied Masonry and has a passion for the order.

It gave me great pleasure to hear the Grand Council appointments for W Bro Nicholas Page as Deputy Grand Organist, W Bro Alan Swainson as Past Grand Junior Deacon, W Bro Brian Butterfield as Past Grand Standard Bearer and W Bro Michael Ogram as Past Grand Inner Guard.  Brethren, these appointments are a recognition of hard work and are just reward for such. My hearty congratulations.

To the District Officers, I look forward to working with you in the coming year feeling assured that it will not be like last year, fingers crossed.  The District of Yorkshire is in good heart and I for one cannot wait to get going again and look forward to catching up with you all.

It would be remiss of me not to thank the District Grand Secretary, VW Bro Tom Spinks, who’s guidance of the District has been invaluable.  Without his hard work and dedication we would all be a little lost and my personal thanks to him for helping the District remain strong and helping me understanding this role.

Before closing, I must thank the District Grand Prefects, their Deputies, and all the Brethren of the other Districts who have kindly looked after me on my visits to your District meetings. Your friendship and courtesy has been fantastic and I am humbled to say I have made many new friends and look forward when we can meet again to enjoy your company.

Links to four Screen Dumps of the VBM – Screen 1   Screen 2   Screen 3   Screen 4   Observations by the District Secretary

Eric Gosnay’s 100th

You will need to use the links to see Eric and some of his any cards celebrating his 100th birthday.  The image quality is far from good and they were received in .PDF format but they do not hide his grin.

Eric G      Eric